About Us

My family loves to cook, and like any other person we love food.  After many years of making carne asada (BBQ),  we decided there had to be a better way.  My mother (Oralia) was always willing to help with fundraisers (BBQ’s). She was tasked with the duty of seasoning the meat/vegetables.  My father (Mr.DEE) was a very meticulous person, even down to the food.  I would make him the perfect 2” T bone steak by adding several ingredients.   Doing this for years, we came up with different recipes.  Mr. Dee  would let us know if I seasoned it differently, without him know he was testing the family’s seasoning recipes.  After many years,  he finally said “NO MAMES” this was the best steak he ever had.  I used that as my basis for the recipe.  As I started producing and opening the test market.  I let one of my cousins taste it.  His exact words to me were “NO MAMES CUH”.  I heard that phrase twice and it stuck to the seasoning.  NO MAMES CUH Seasoning was started. I have used on all types of food… BEEF, CHICKEN, PORK, FISH , SHRIMP, LOBSTER, SALADS, FRUITS, AND VEGETABLES.  The possibilities are endless of what  you will use it on.